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Google Business View

Google Business View is the ideal way to bring your business to life like never before. A combination of interactive elements including 360 degree videography and a virtual walkthrough of your business enables your potential customers to experience and explore what your business has to offer just as though they were right there!

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360 Degree Video Discover

Flipit 360 is a video production company that specialises in the production of 360? spherical video. Whether it be a location, an event, a virtual tour; on the ground, in the air, over or under water, Flipit 360 provides the most captivating medium for video content publishers to publish content. It immerses the viewer in the virtual reality of the event/location enabling them to interact and experience without being physically present at the site.

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Video Production

Looking for a way to stand out and get noticed? We create motion graphics and explainer style videos to deliver your message more effectively.


Software Solutions

Being an expert Web and Mobile based systems development company, we are known for offering excellent CMS solutions and Mobiles Apps since our inception. Whether you need an Ecommerce portal, dynamic website or a Mobile App, our expert IT solutions can be beneficial.


Creative Design

Designing based on triggering human emotions and responses is what we do best, and it runs right through everything we do.. We'll strengthen your brand by showcasing it through graphics that truly reflect your business creating a strong visual identity helping you standout and be remembered in your relevant marketplaces.

We are

" Flipit Media is a client-focused media production company concentrating on the development of powerful and creative videos & Web-based systems throughout Sri Lanka.

Our unquenchable thirst for videography and technological advancements sees us constantly challenging our limits, ensuring that are clients receive the latest and the best in videos and the technology on which it is based."

Simple and effective way to capture your audience and
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